Modern Abstract Expressionism


Keren de Vreede’s captivating artworks, distinguished by thick layers and vibrant colors of paint, showcase a unique technique that sets her apart from other artists in the field. Based in Amsterdam, her pieces come to life through vivid strokes applied directly to the canvas by her hands. Every work of art is filled with the passion to create and shows her lust for life. To explore and experience Keren de Vreede’s distinctive art, visit our art gallery in Amsterdam where her works are proudly displayed.

The world is a canvas of color, and we are the artists who can harness its potential to enhance our lives. Whether it’s boosting our mood, enhancing creativity, improving focus, promoting physical well-being, or expressing our individuality, color is undeniably good for people. So, don’t be afraid to infuse your life with a little more color—it might just be the key to a brighter, more vibrant existence.

International Shipping

Within the Netherlands selected artworks are hand delivered within three days with advice on hanging-placement or installation. Internationally we freight artwork. You can scroll through our complete collection of available art on the website. It’s an easy process to make your acquisition online, we accept payments via Bank Transfers, Credit Cards and PayPal. We are pleased to quote you international shipping costs including insurance. Artworks are shipped in handmade wooden crates for maximum protection.

Payment in Terms

In case you are interested in purchasing a painting online (we can offer several financial solutions and payment in terms), please get in touch through our Contact page.

Certificate of Authenticity

Every painting is unique and a certificate of authenticity is provided for each painting.

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