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The Guardian

Exploring Amsterdam's Art Scene

Local Heroes

An Insightful Interview with Keren de Vreede

Hello Amsterdam

Color & Joy in the Jordaan

Villa d’arte

``Painting is passion and love``

Color for Well-Being

The Vibrant Palette of Benefits

Step into the vibrant world of Keren de Vreede Art Gallery, where passion and creativity collide. Explore Keren’s artistic journey, from a cherished hobby to a public expression of personal growth, featured in “Local Heroes”. Immerse yourself in the Modern Expressionism showcased in the heart of Amsterdam’s Jordaan district, as featured in “Hello Amsterdam”. Lastly, discover Keren’s cozy gallery along Prinsengracht, highlighted in The Guardian’s list of “10 of the Best Ways to Enjoy Amsterdam on a Budget,” offering a unique and personal entry into Amsterdam’s art scene. Explore the featured news articles for more details and embark on a visual journey through Keren de Vreede’s exceptional artistry.

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