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Unveiling passion: An Insightful Interview with Keren de Vreede in Local Heroes

Embark on a journey into the artistic mind of Keren de Vreede as she opens up about her passion for painting in an interview with Local Heroes. Keren, a humble artist who still sees painting as her beloved hobby, shared insights into her creative process and the journey that led her to showcase her works to the world.

A Hobby Born from Passion:

“I still see painting as my hobby. It comes from a place of passion and love,” Keren reflects. Her genuine affection for the craft is evident in every stroke, breathing life into her canvases with a unique blend of colors and emotions.

 A Quiet Revelation:

For years, Keren’s house was filled with her artworks, each piece a silent reflection of her creative pursuits. However, it wasn’t until six years ago that her daughter encouraged her to share these paintings with the world. This simple encouragement transformed her private hobby into a more public expression, allowing art enthusiasts worldwide to appreciate her quietly cultivated artistry. In the interview, Keren de Vreede shares not only her art but the story behind the artistry. Her journey from considering painting a personal hobby to revealing it to a wider audience is an exploration of personal growth.

The Art of Hands-On Expression:

Keren’s artistic journey takes an unconventional turn as she describes the tactile experience of painting with her hands. “When you paint with your hands, you can move the colors around on the canvas in a different way.” This hands-on approach adds a layer of intimacy to her creations, allowing the colors to dance and merge in ways that traditional methods cannot capture.

Explore the full interview with Keren de Vreede in Local Heroes to gain a deeper understanding of the artist’s perspective. 

Keren de Vreede featured in Local Heroes
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