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“Painting is passion and love, much more than an hobby alone”:
Keren de Vreede Art Gallery featured in Villa dโ€™arte

โ€žIn the heart of Amsterdam, along one of its famous canals, lies a hidden gem that ignites the senses and captures the essence of passion and love on canvas.โ€œ The Keren de Vreede Art Gallery, featured in Villa dโ€™arte, stands out as a vibrant testament to the fusion of abstract expressionism and an unbridled love for painting.

Keren de Vreede, a self-taught artist with an unparalleled talent for color compositions, has transformed her gallery into a haven of color explosions and emotional connections. The unique energy emanating from her abstract works invites onlookers to experience a sense of happiness and joy that is truly contagious.

De Vreede’s preference for large canvases, often two by two meters, allows her creativity to flow freely. Each canvas starts as a blank slate, and with music playing in the background, she lets her feelings guide the process. The outcome is always a surprise, a testament to the genuine passion and love she invests in her art.

Before opening her own gallery, De Vreede worked in the beauty and fashion industry, drawing inspiration from her previous experiences in color mixing and pattern making. Despite finding success in her previous endeavors, it was the unfulfilled desire for true satisfaction that led her to the world of art. Painting became not just a hobby but a necessity for her happiness.

The gallery has become a melting pot of creativity and emotions, attracting art enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. De Vreede’s unique pieces, appreciated by a significant number of American patrons, showcase her ability to create enduring, one-of-a-kind works of art. For her, the beauty of art lies in its ability to be truly unique, incapable of replication.

Among the captivating pieces in the gallery, one painting, ‘The Tree of Life,’ stands out. Created several years ago already, it remains a permanent fixture, refusing to be sold despite numerous offers. This large painting of a tree adorned with hundreds of flowers connects with people on a deep emotional level. De Vreede’s decision to keep it on display reflects her genuine desire to spread joy and happiness through her art.

Keren de Vreede Art Gallery featured in Villa d' Arte
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